Tuesday, 30 May 2017


This week in PB4L we have been learning to work with everyone in the class; to respect each other.
We participated in an activity where we had to draw a picture in groups of four. But there was a catch; we had one pencil and we could only hold it by using a piece of string.

This was a real challenge and it was very tempting to cheat and hold the pencil! We all did a great job sharing our ideas and participating.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Our Trip to Ambury Farm

Check out Anita's recount of our trip!

Yesterday Thursday Room 8 and Room 7 got the opportunity to go to a wonderful farm, Ambury Farm.We went to Ambury Farm because this term our topic is about Animals! We were going to learn about the wonderful Animals and how to treat them very well.

We all got our name tags ready and we headed to the Glenbrae School Hall. We all talked about how to be respectful to the workers who worked at the Farm and how we will all behave probably and kindly! Once we finished discussing our behaviour we finally got to hop on the bus! We all lined up and got on the bus.A few Seconds later we were moving.

We finally arrived at the Ambury Farm and we already saw different types of Animals! We saw lots of sheep.We went to the Family area and we firstly ate our Morning Tea, It was Delicious! After eating our Morning tea we got to meet a woman called “Caroline” She had curly brown hair with Green Eyes! She was so pretty.Caroline the owner of the farm introduced us to different animals, She showed us a skeleton of a strong mighting goat with incredible horns.She also showed us a skeleton of one of the toughest pig’s in their farm.It had sharp teeth and a strong bulky head!

 After meeting the extraordinary Animals we got to do a fun and learning activity.We were learning Inputs and Outputs of a farm.Then Caroline showed us something real special, She showed us the wool of the sheep and she also shaved the sheep in front of us It was cool! After our Activities, we got to go on our walk around the farm.We walked around the farm and we saw cow’s (Only Cow’s).We were told we can go walk around if we came right back to the Family Area.As soon as we got to the Family Area we got to play a quick game of “Bang”, It was fun! When Room 7 arrived back from feeding and Meeting the Animals we finally got to have our Lunch Break.

After our Lunch Break, Room 8 got the opportunity to meet and feed the Animals.We firstly met two very cute pigs.One was golden with Black Spots and was wearing Nose Rings, Her name was Mele.Another One had Black and White Spots and was called Pig Floyd.They were so Cute.Then after meeting the wonderful Pig’s we got to meet a goat called Skippy.He had incredible horns and a soft and white coat of fur.I was more excited to feed him then to see the goat, to be honest.We were all given goat treats to feed the goat.We stuck our head in the gate and he came strolling down in a line eating the food we were going to feed him.He was really kind and liked the attention.I got 4 kisses from the goat and he also let me pet him 7 times! He was very kind.After meeting the Goat we got to meet a big Male Turkey.He had beautiful wings and a giant Snood which stood up straight in the air (Fact: Did you know that the Snood can go straight up in the air but can also go down and lay on its peak).After meeting the fantastic creature we went to feed the chickens, The chickens we very hyped and were ready to get fed.Feeding the chickens were different.We actually had to be real careful because the chickens can bite you if you don’t feed them probably.We squatted down and we made our hands very straight then the chickens starting poking our hand’s (It did not hurt).

A while passed by and it was time to go.We never got to pet the Horse’s but it was very cool to see them from the distance.We saw our bus and we quickly ran back to the Family Area.We all got our bags and went in the Bus.After a while, we arrived back to Glenbrae School.

The trip was fun and I really enjoyed meeting and feeding the wonderful Animals! They were so kind and they really enjoyed the attention.Thank you Ambery Fun for giving us the opportunities to go to your farm! We really enjoyed coming! Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


We love learning new languages in room 8, so we were very excited to hear that we would be engaging in a sign language lesson this week. We celebrated sign language week by signing good morning for the roll and we learnt to greet and say thank you.

On Wednesday we were taught by Tom, a teacher from Deaf Aotearoa. Tom taught us heaps of signs such as how are you, what is your name and what is your favourite animal. These will be really helpful as we will continue to practice them in class.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


This term in Kiwisport, Room 8 have been participating in netball. So far we have had a fantastic time learning about different types of passes and how to defend.


We practised passing over short and long distances and discussed which types of passes were best suited in each of these conditions.

Friday, 19 May 2017

My Trip to the Aquarium

Po wrote a fantastic story about his trip to the aquarium! Check it out below:

Yay! I woke up and yelled ‘’I can’t wait to get to the aquarium today, with my brother Kestrel and uncle Matt.’’ Uncle Matt told us to get everything ready before we hopped in the car. All of us were so noisy because we were looking forward to going to the aquarium.

 When we got there we hopped out of the car and I said, “I can’t wait to go inside.” When you enter inside there are fish tanks filled with lots of different kinds of fish. There is a park and a cafe where you can sit and have a coffee or hot chocolate while having a little snack.

 First we went to see the big fish tanks and i saw a stingray, squid, octopus, and shark. There were some people swimming underwater, feeding the fish even the ones that were camouflaged and which were really hard to see. Looking around at all the different types of fish Kestrel and I decided to see if we can count all the different types of fish in the tanks. It was kind of exciting at first but then got a little hard because there were just so many of them, swimming from side to side. I’m pretty sure I counted 3 of the same fish twice. So we moved on.

 Moving from one end of the aquarium to the other to saw more of the other fish. We finally found the habitat where the penguins were, they looked so cute and cuddly it was so unreal. After that we went back out, went for a little car ride around Mission Bay and went home.  

Po's Blog

Thursday, 18 May 2017

To the moon we go!

Check out the writing that Anita completed for the students in Room 4!

 Once upon a time Mr Louie and I had the opportunity to go to the moon.We were told from the government that we could go and  see the american flag placed on the moon! Let the journey begin!

 I have just put on my Astronaut Outfit and there I noticed Mr Louie my sidekick Cat didn't know where his Astronaut was? We looked every where for it..We looked in our Laundry,We looked in our rocket we even looked under our rocket and we still couldn’t find it! Time was running out so we took of without the Space suit.

Mr Louie and I just arrived on the moon and we were so excited! We saw awesome things...We saw Astro’s flyin around the universe and we also saw the american flag that was placed on the moon! As me and Mr Louie hopped back in our rocket ship we heard a strange noise mmmm“ugghhhrrrr” we heard it again,We turned around and it was Captain Zaddurk..Zaddurk was an alien who lived in Mars,He was captain of the Alien Army (Aliens who battle).I wasn’t worried at first but then Captain Zaddurk took something really important.It was Mr Louie’s Space Suit!

I rushed to Captain and claimed Mr louie’s Space Suit,but Captain Zaddurk was sad he wanted to go earth with Mr Louie and I so we let the Alien join our journey! We got to earth and the people were scared of the slimy alien who was walking down the street,but when Mr Louie and I introduced the Slimy ALien to the humans the humans thought he was cool and thought his stories of battling was wonderful

Then we lived happily ever after!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Delicious Decimal Fractions

This afternoon we had a tasty maths lesson about decimal fractions. First we talked about how important fractions are to us when we are cooking and working out serving sizes. Then I cut the cake into ten equal pieces. I measured the cake to make sure this was exact, although if we had scaled we could have weighed the pieces to check that they were all even. We discussed the difference between cutting ten slices and cutting ten tenths, as each tenth must be the same size.

We then talked about each slice being one tenth (1/10) or 0.1 of the whole cake. If we had four slices we would have 4/10 or 0.4 of a cake. We also discussed cutting the tenths into ten again to make hundredths (1/100 or 0.01). This reminded us how small hundredths are and that we wouldn't want to eat 0.01 of a small cake like this! After doing some addition and subtraction problems with tenths we all enjoyed our delicious 0.1 slices!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Technology Challenge!

This morning room 8 were given a technology challenge. They had to work in groups with students that they do not usually work with in order to come up with the solution to a problem.

Displaying 20170515_124039.jpg
Maselino's group making a warm habitat for the egg

The students had the choice of creating a safe container for an egg so that a farmer could transport it to a supermarket or to create a habitat for an egg pet.

Displaying 20170515_124331.jpg
Telesia's groups inventive creation

Displaying 20170515_123056.jpg
Charlies group wanted to make their container as safe as possible - it survived a very bumpy ride!

Displaying 20170515_124402.jpg
Alex's group made a simple and attractive container for their egg.

It was great to see all of the different and inventive ideas that the students came up with! I was very impressed to see how secure Telesia's groups egg remained, even though their invention didn't look as strong as some of the other groups.

Friday, 12 May 2017

We are the champions!

Last term we worked really hard in our Kiwican lessons. Each week at Kiwican we are given points for things such as participation and teamwork and there is a prize for the best class at the end of each term. We were determined to get the prize we managed to achieve a perfect score of 25/25 almost every week.

Displaying 20170512_131047.jpg
Today we had a shared lunch with our Kiwican teachers to celebrate our hard work and our learning.We really enjoyed all of the pizza and would like to thank Mr Numia and Miss Tuia for making it happen!
Displaying 20170512_132259.jpg

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

NZ Dance Visit!

Today the NZ dance company visited Glenbrae School and we were lucky enough to watch them perform and have a workshop! We really enjoyed watching the show - it made us laugh heaps!

It involved a series of dances inspired by different cultures, music, sounds and ideas. This meant that there was something for everyone to enjoy!

After lunch we returned to the hall alongside room 7 for a dance workshop. We learnt a hiphop routine which was a great laugh! However we had so much fun dancing that we did not manage to take any photos - you will just have to believe us when we say that we were great dancers!

Drama in Room 8!

This afternoon the students in Room 8 acted out a series of scenarios to practice being peer mediators. We had a lot of fun acting in the role of a student with a problem or a peer mediator. Some students then decided to make their own stories up for the peer mediators!

What do you think could be happening here?

Monday, 8 May 2017

Capture the Flag!

This morning room 8 learnt a new game in P.E. . We have played it before in kiwican and it was great to try something new. To play capture the flag you need to retrieve a ball (the flag) from the oppositions side and bring it back to your own side. However, you need to pass the ball twice before you can take it over the centre line and if you get tagged you are stuck.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Responsible Rabbit Relations!

We have been discussing responsible animal care and pet ownership at Glenbrae School this week. Many of the students in room 8 are eager to get a class pet and we have been building our knowledge of different animals so that we can persuade the teachers that we can be responsible pet owners.

This morning Mrs Carter from HIPPY visited us with her pet rabbit Ruby. We learnt a lot about how Ruby is cared for; where she lives, what she eats, what she needs, what she is sensitive to and more! We all got a chance to pet and hold Ruby, who was very tame and settled down quickly on our laps.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Exploring with paint

This afternoon, room 8 had an art lesson about colour. We have been learning about primary and secondary colours and the colour wheel. We learnt that some colours compliment each other, that there are warm and cool colours and that we can make the colours of the rainbow starting with red, yellow and blue.

After painting our colour wheels. We began to explore and created different combinations of colours. We made different shades and tones of our favourite colours, this was a lot of fun for us!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Going to the library

This morning room 8 visited the library. In our assembly on Monday, Mrs Tofa told us to look for books in the 590 section of the library. We discovered that this was where the animal books are kept!

We were all able to find some interesting books to read in SSR and some of us chose the texts about animals!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Back to School!

Today was the first day of term 2 and room 8 have started our strong! We started the day with an immersion assembly where we found out that our inquiry for the start of term will be on pets. We then headed to room 11 for some team building activities.

When we got there we played a shape identification game as a warm up and split up into two groups.
The groups then played the human knot game, where the students joined hands and had to untangle themselves and the hoop game, where they had to pass a hoop around the circle while joining hands.

We then played a game of hand soccer, where we had to use one hand to score a goal against an opposition. After playing 1 vs 1 we moved on to 2 vs 2 and finally games of 3 vs 3.

We then went to class and took part in an encouragement circle, where we all had to write encouraging words to one another. We then had to think of something about ourselves that we could write to encourage us.