Thursday, 29 June 2017

Breakout Edu

Today, Room 8 broke out for the first time! We completed a digital breakout where we had to solve a series of clues about dinosaurs. Some of the clues seemed easier to solve than others and there were a few red herrings or fake clues that confused us!

We broke out in 4 teams and raced to see who could unlock the treasure trove first. Funnily enough, each team solved a different clue first. This meant that if we tackled the problem as a class we would have solved it very fast!

Check out Breakout Edu here!

Netball Players

This term we have been learning to play netball in our Kiwisport lessons. A lot of our students have played netball in the past, both socially and competitively so this was a great Kiwisport for us!

In todays session we were split into two teams and spent the majority of the time playing a game. This was great fun and we got to see how much we have progressed over the term.

Friday, 23 June 2017


This afternoon room 8 presented out first assembly of the year, in celebration of Matariki. We opened the assembly with the waiata 'harehuia', before we played the Matariki video that the year six students had created.

Well done to Tumanako, Anita, Francesca and Telesia who presented the assembly.


Tuesday, 20 June 2017


In preparation of our camp next term and to improve our health, we have been working hard to increase our fitness. We have been monitoring our progress by taking the beep test and we can tell that our class are becoming fitter. We have been running laps of the school, completing a range of exercises and taking part in sports games.

At the moment we are learning to play netball in  Kiwisport. However this week we completed a range of fitness drills in our Kiwisport lesson. Our favourite exercise was trying to stand up while linking arms back to back with a partner.

We look forward to finding new fun and enjoyable ways to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Performing Arts

Today has been filled with performances at Glenbrae School. We were first fortunate enough to watch a drama performance by Storylines called 'Whats the Big Idea'. This performance promoted some great kiwi books and it was all about the power of the imagination.

In the afternoon we watched a play that the junior classes had created and a dance by Miss Adcocks dance club. Room 8 were very proud of AJ and Mathew, who each had a solo performance. The boys did some fabulous break dancing and knew the routine very well; ka pai boys!

Thursday, 8 June 2017


This morning we were learning our colours in te reo Maori. Check out the way Telesia has described the following items:

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Ancient History!

This week Kiwi and Pukeko have been reading about Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius and the ancient romans, as we are learning about history in inquiry this term. Their create activity was to recreate the eruption of Mt Vesuvius and to retell the series of events.
The rest of the class were also interested in making the volcano, so we had a lesson about Pompeii and completed a mini inquiry to learn more about Rome. We then created an aspect of a roman city that we were interested in, such as a colosseum and a temple.
Each group made a different aspect of Pompeii, before we put our creations altogether to have a city. Mt Vesuvius was in the middle and we used coke and mentos to create an eruption. We learnt from our text that Pompeii still exists, as it was preserved by the ash from the volcano. It was discovered over a thousand years after Mt Vesuvius erupted!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

House Tabloids

This morning Glenbrae School held a house sports morning. Check out Davarni's recount of the events:

Today my school had house sports. There are 4 groups -

  • Rata
  • Kauri
  • Nikau
  • & Kowhai
I'm in Kauri. But they had to split us up into 2 teams, so I was in Kauri 2. As we do these  challenges we vs other groups. We also had a junior with us as a partner. Once the bell rang we went to our stations. My group went to Mrs. Adcock which is where we had to run with a hollahoop around one of our limbs while running with our partner. It was kinda frustrating but at the same time fun. Then the bell rang so then we had to go to the next station. At this one we had to pass a hollahoop around while we were in a circle holding hands. That game was my favourite because it was easy. 

In the last game we had to put on different accessorises/clothes and run with our partner. This one was my least favourite. Since that was the last game we walked back to the courts. This is where we got the results of who came in 2nd and 1st place. "In 2nd place is.........KOWHAI" Said Mrs. Tofa. Then came the results for the winner. "In 1st place is..........KAURI!!!!" Said Mrs. Tofa. Everybody cheered. After all of the excitement we went back to our class. 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

World Milk Day!

Today is world milk day and all of Glenbrae School are celebrating with a carton of milk! We love getting our milk as we know it is really good for us and it helps us to concentrate in class.

We are very grateful to Fonterra and Farmers for donating our milk to us!

Check out the video we made about milk: