Monday, 24 July 2017

Teaming Up!

In today's PB4L/fitness lesson, we participated in a number of team building activities. We were learning to work well with all of our peers by communicating effectively.

We played a few rounds of hand soccer as a warm up, before we played a game called the magic cane. In this game we needed to lift up a wooden stick using only our index fingers. We found this super easy and we were all successful in our first attempt!

We then played a game like Chinese whispers, only we had to describe a picture and the person at the end of the chain had to draw what we described. We realised that we needed to think carefully about how we would describe the picture and that we needed to focus on what we were told.

Finally we played a shape game. Each member of our team had to hold on to a piece of string and we had to create the shape that Miss Stone named. We started off with easy shapes like circles and squares, before we moved on to trickier shapes like a rhombus, octagon and a pentagon.

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