Thursday, 16 November 2017

Maui Dolphins by Salote

Maui dolphins have been endangered by fishermen’s nets and they need help because the number of dolphins is becoming smaller and smaller from them getting caught in nets or because of bottom trawling. People have been putting the dolphins life in danger because they also capture calves.

What  are Maui Dolphins?
Maui dolphins are the world’s rarest and smallest known subspecies of dolphins. They are the most endangered sea species in the world and there are a tiny amount of them left, they are also subspecies of the Hector’s dolphins. In New Zealand scientists have declared that there are only 55 dolphins left. That is a really small amount!

Why are they endangered?
Maui dolphins have been living with threat throughout their lives and they have been caught up in fishermen’s net including trawling. For example, Fishermen have trapped the dolphins in there set-net while they have been setting for fish. They scoop any sea-creature up and don’t realise what they have caught in their net.

What people can do to help them?
People could stop setting their nets or trawling near the dolphins to prevent them from not getting captured in their nets. People could also help by writing to the prime minister and to the minister for primary industries.

Help the Maui dolphins by stopping fishermen from capturing our native species and don’t trawl by the dolphins.

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