Monday, 3 April 2017

Burrito Trial

Today the year 6's made a prototype for the sustainable burrito that we designed last week. Our brief stated that we had to create a product that we knew people would enjoy, that we could make more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We create a burrito with lots of fresh vegetables, chicken instead of beef and less cheese than we would usually use. We used less beef and dairy because we have learnt that cows contribute to air and water pollution (through their wind which contains methane gas and because their dung can be washed into rivers). We used vegetables that hadn't been sprayed with chemicals as these chemicals can also be washed into our drains and rivers. We made both a vegetarian and a free range chicken option.

We each took a different role when creating the burritos. We used different ingredients and combinations of ingredients to test out which would be the most tasty. We then took samples around the school and collected market research - other peoples opinions about our product.


  1. Kia ora Room 8,
    You are certainly doing some good deep thinking and learning through your burrito trial. I watched a story on Seven Sharp (I think) recently about a young man who had just finished his Agriculture Science Degree at Lincoln University and had become a vegetarian because he had learnt so much about the pollutions cows caused as you have talked about. The funny thing was is he came from a Dairy Farm and worked on the farm! I don't think his parents could quite believe it. It is great that you are using spray free vegetables. I buy most of my vegetables from our local growers market so that I know they are fresh and chemical free. I look forward to reading more about your market research and hearing other peoples opinions of your burritos. I am a vegetarian too so your vege one would be my option.
    Ngā mihi nui

  2. Hey room 8 nice job on making one of the best foods better with a different recipe, different meat and less cheese. if i was a vegetarian i would definitely eat the vegetarian burrito you made. From Martin =)