Thursday, 13 April 2017

Inquiry Presentations

This morning Glenbrae students presented their inquiry learning to the school. A few students from each class were selected to stay in the hall and share their learning on behalf of their class, while each class took turns to visit.

We found it really interesting to see how different classes shared their learning - Rooms 1 and 4 had made edible models and collages, while room 7 had made some models from clay. Our class presented our learning through artwork and a video, while room 10 had shared their learning through their writing.  This meant that there was lots of different types of presentations to see, which the children found very interesting.

Some of these presentations, like the canvas that our class created were displayed at Te Oro. Our class artwork represents the changes that must be made by our children in order to stop global warming and to protect our earth - They can't 'let go' or give up on our world.

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