Monday, 1 May 2017

Back to School!

Today was the first day of term 2 and room 8 have started our strong! We started the day with an immersion assembly where we found out that our inquiry for the start of term will be on pets. We then headed to room 11 for some team building activities.

When we got there we played a shape identification game as a warm up and split up into two groups.
The groups then played the human knot game, where the students joined hands and had to untangle themselves and the hoop game, where they had to pass a hoop around the circle while joining hands.

We then played a game of hand soccer, where we had to use one hand to score a goal against an opposition. After playing 1 vs 1 we moved on to 2 vs 2 and finally games of 3 vs 3.

We then went to class and took part in an encouragement circle, where we all had to write encouraging words to one another. We then had to think of something about ourselves that we could write to encourage us.

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