Thursday, 18 May 2017

To the moon we go!

Check out the writing that Anita completed for the students in Room 4!

 Once upon a time Mr Louie and I had the opportunity to go to the moon.We were told from the government that we could go and  see the american flag placed on the moon! Let the journey begin!

 I have just put on my Astronaut Outfit and there I noticed Mr Louie my sidekick Cat didn't know where his Astronaut was? We looked every where for it..We looked in our Laundry,We looked in our rocket we even looked under our rocket and we still couldn’t find it! Time was running out so we took of without the Space suit.

Mr Louie and I just arrived on the moon and we were so excited! We saw awesome things...We saw Astro’s flyin around the universe and we also saw the american flag that was placed on the moon! As me and Mr Louie hopped back in our rocket ship we heard a strange noise mmmm“ugghhhrrrr” we heard it again,We turned around and it was Captain Zaddurk..Zaddurk was an alien who lived in Mars,He was captain of the Alien Army (Aliens who battle).I wasn’t worried at first but then Captain Zaddurk took something really important.It was Mr Louie’s Space Suit!

I rushed to Captain and claimed Mr louie’s Space Suit,but Captain Zaddurk was sad he wanted to go earth with Mr Louie and I so we let the Alien join our journey! We got to earth and the people were scared of the slimy alien who was walking down the street,but when Mr Louie and I introduced the Slimy ALien to the humans the humans thought he was cool and thought his stories of battling was wonderful

Then we lived happily ever after!

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