Friday, 26 May 2017

Our Trip to Ambury Farm

Check out Anita's recount of our trip!

Yesterday Thursday Room 8 and Room 7 got the opportunity to go to a wonderful farm, Ambury Farm.We went to Ambury Farm because this term our topic is about Animals! We were going to learn about the wonderful Animals and how to treat them very well.

We all got our name tags ready and we headed to the Glenbrae School Hall. We all talked about how to be respectful to the workers who worked at the Farm and how we will all behave probably and kindly! Once we finished discussing our behaviour we finally got to hop on the bus! We all lined up and got on the bus.A few Seconds later we were moving.

We finally arrived at the Ambury Farm and we already saw different types of Animals! We saw lots of sheep.We went to the Family area and we firstly ate our Morning Tea, It was Delicious! After eating our Morning tea we got to meet a woman called “Caroline” She had curly brown hair with Green Eyes! She was so pretty.Caroline the owner of the farm introduced us to different animals, She showed us a skeleton of a strong mighting goat with incredible horns.She also showed us a skeleton of one of the toughest pig’s in their farm.It had sharp teeth and a strong bulky head!

 After meeting the extraordinary Animals we got to do a fun and learning activity.We were learning Inputs and Outputs of a farm.Then Caroline showed us something real special, She showed us the wool of the sheep and she also shaved the sheep in front of us It was cool! After our Activities, we got to go on our walk around the farm.We walked around the farm and we saw cow’s (Only Cow’s).We were told we can go walk around if we came right back to the Family Area.As soon as we got to the Family Area we got to play a quick game of “Bang”, It was fun! When Room 7 arrived back from feeding and Meeting the Animals we finally got to have our Lunch Break.

After our Lunch Break, Room 8 got the opportunity to meet and feed the Animals.We firstly met two very cute pigs.One was golden with Black Spots and was wearing Nose Rings, Her name was Mele.Another One had Black and White Spots and was called Pig Floyd.They were so Cute.Then after meeting the wonderful Pig’s we got to meet a goat called Skippy.He had incredible horns and a soft and white coat of fur.I was more excited to feed him then to see the goat, to be honest.We were all given goat treats to feed the goat.We stuck our head in the gate and he came strolling down in a line eating the food we were going to feed him.He was really kind and liked the attention.I got 4 kisses from the goat and he also let me pet him 7 times! He was very kind.After meeting the Goat we got to meet a big Male Turkey.He had beautiful wings and a giant Snood which stood up straight in the air (Fact: Did you know that the Snood can go straight up in the air but can also go down and lay on its peak).After meeting the fantastic creature we went to feed the chickens, The chickens we very hyped and were ready to get fed.Feeding the chickens were different.We actually had to be real careful because the chickens can bite you if you don’t feed them probably.We squatted down and we made our hands very straight then the chickens starting poking our hand’s (It did not hurt).

A while passed by and it was time to go.We never got to pet the Horse’s but it was very cool to see them from the distance.We saw our bus and we quickly ran back to the Family Area.We all got our bags and went in the Bus.After a while, we arrived back to Glenbrae School.

The trip was fun and I really enjoyed meeting and feeding the wonderful Animals! They were so kind and they really enjoyed the attention.Thank you Ambery Fun for giving us the opportunities to go to your farm! We really enjoyed coming! Hope to see you soon!


  1. Hi Miss. Stone,

    It's great to see how much you have wrote. We had lot's of fun and enjoyed our time with the animals.

    From Davarni.

  2. Hi my name is Gracie I go to Owairaka School, Nice Photo feeding lambs looks fun. Also Wow so brave to feeding Lambs Looks Like You Had Fun!!!

    Gracie If You Would Like To Check Out My Blog Here It Is