Monday, 15 May 2017

Technology Challenge!

This morning room 8 were given a technology challenge. They had to work in groups with students that they do not usually work with in order to come up with the solution to a problem.

Displaying 20170515_124039.jpg
Maselino's group making a warm habitat for the egg

The students had the choice of creating a safe container for an egg so that a farmer could transport it to a supermarket or to create a habitat for an egg pet.

Displaying 20170515_124331.jpg
Telesia's groups inventive creation

Displaying 20170515_123056.jpg
Charlies group wanted to make their container as safe as possible - it survived a very bumpy ride!

Displaying 20170515_124402.jpg
Alex's group made a simple and attractive container for their egg.

It was great to see all of the different and inventive ideas that the students came up with! I was very impressed to see how secure Telesia's groups egg remained, even though their invention didn't look as strong as some of the other groups.

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