Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Water Safety

In swimming this week room 8 have been focusing on water safety. Today we discussed water safety when on a boat or when fishing. Some points that we discussed were:

  • ALWAYS wear a life jacket - you never know what could happen
  • Let someone on land know when and where you are going and how long you intend to be out for
  • Get into the H.E.L.P position if you are stranded
  • Use the huddle position with others to keep safe and warm
We then acted out some scenarios where we needed to get into the H.E.L.P and Huddle positions before swimming 140 meters to get back to shore.


  1. I like that you are learning about water safety because then people don't drown.

  2. Hi there my name is Ayaan and I am a student in room 21 at owairaka school.I really like your swimming keep it up

  3. Hi there, my name is Alyzae and I am a student in room 21 at Owairaka School.I really like how you have put that amazing information just in case people didn't know that. It made me think of when I was in the water and i nearly drowned i was waving at the lifeguard. Have you thought about making a slide of the children doing it. If you would like to see my learning