Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween by Dekorah

Why do people celebrate Halloween?

As you know Halloween is a holiday event that happens once a year at the end of October,but does anyone know why we celebrate it,or what even is Halloween? Did it have a name before Halloween?  Here is an explanation about what Halloween is and it’s history.

Halloween all started with a tradition that was celebrated over two thousand years ago. It was known and named as “The day of the dead” or in other terms “All Hallows”(this name was called by the saints on November the 1st.)The tradition of celebrating All Hallows was believed that the dead ascended from a door that lead into the underworld opened and let all sorts of spirits through.People believed and that the spirits would come and bring harm to their town’s and families.So during the Samhain festival people would leave offerings and food outside their houses so they would take the food instead of the people.Towards this people dressed up like a ghost or a dead being that made the spirits think that they are dead and would let people pass by.When people did this they could enjoy their times by passing house to house celebrating the festival of Samhain.

In in this event other countries also celebrated it but named it different things,and believed in different reasons.Here are what some countries celebrated it like,and what they called it.Halloween was accompanied by a Celtic festival of Samhain on which was called by “Summer’s end” for it was to be the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter,this was also a common reason why they celebrated this festival of Halloween.Medieval times in Ireland and Scotland,the Samhain festival was held at dawn on October the 31st towards the daylight of November the 1st,it was called “Dark season” which meant it highlighted the last day of harvesting,and the new day of winter. Over time Halloween was brought to the US by the Irish and Scottish people living in the united states during the 18th and 19th century.Ever since then traditions began to change.

Now Halloween is just celebrated by going other people’s doors and saying “Trick or treat” to get candy,or Halloween is just to have a family get together party,or even just partying.In the modern days though this event is mostly popular with children,in the original days trick-or-treaters mostly received fruits,nuts,money, and wine to contribute to their delight.In the present days Halloween Trick-or-Treaters became more popular in the US for all of the shops went all out of selling products contributing to Halloween,and sells 6 million each year just because of Halloween and its contents.

There are more and more reasons to why Halloween is celebrated and how other countries had celebrated it back in the day.We shouldn’t forget why is was created and all of its history,for Halloween has more to it than just getting free candy and sweets by just saying a phrase at someone’s door.


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