Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Riveting Riddles!

Today in Kiwican we were learning about respecting ourselves and our strengths. We first played a game where we had to tag people by jumping every time a whistle was blown, which was lots of fun for us all!

Then we had a discussion about respect before the next activity was introduced. In this activity, we were split into two teams. The first team went to room 11 with Miss Tuia while the second team stayed with Mr Numia. Miss Tuia's team were given a page of riddles to solve. This involved lots of discussion and sharing of ideas, as the riddles were very challenging.

Mr Numia's team had to throw a hula hoop over a cone, which was harder than it looked as it could not knock the cone over. We had so much fun taking part in these activities we wanted to continue when the bell rang! Thank you Kiwican for another awesome session.

1 comment:

  1. Malo e lelei my name is Lini and I attend to St Pius X School I love the way how you guys have fun and enjoy your-self Riveting Riddles another amazing thing is that I like how you guys make the Riddles challenging

    Regards Lini