Thursday, 29 June 2017

Breakout Edu

Today, Room 8 broke out for the first time! We completed a digital breakout where we had to solve a series of clues about dinosaurs. Some of the clues seemed easier to solve than others and there were a few red herrings or fake clues that confused us!

We broke out in 4 teams and raced to see who could unlock the treasure trove first. Funnily enough, each team solved a different clue first. This meant that if we tackled the problem as a class we would have solved it very fast!

Check out Breakout Edu here!


  1. Good afternoon room 8, I your photo and your writing underneath your photo it's really cool.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Room 8 on breaking out! I have tried Breakout Edu a few times and have really enjoyed how it makes you think hard, problem solve and work with a team. Did you have a time limit on your breakout? Did you find it easy or tricky? I think it's a great way of learning in a different way - did you find out lots about dinosaurs as your were 'breaking out'?