Tuesday, 6 June 2017

House Tabloids

This morning Glenbrae School held a house sports morning. Check out Davarni's recount of the events:

Today my school had house sports. There are 4 groups -

  • Rata
  • Kauri
  • Nikau
  • & Kowhai
I'm in Kauri. But they had to split us up into 2 teams, so I was in Kauri 2. As we do these  challenges we vs other groups. We also had a junior with us as a partner. Once the bell rang we went to our stations. My group went to Mrs. Adcock which is where we had to run with a hollahoop around one of our limbs while running with our partner. It was kinda frustrating but at the same time fun. Then the bell rang so then we had to go to the next station. At this one we had to pass a hollahoop around while we were in a circle holding hands. That game was my favourite because it was easy. 

In the last game we had to put on different accessorises/clothes and run with our partner. This one was my least favourite. Since that was the last game we walked back to the courts. This is where we got the results of who came in 2nd and 1st place. "In 2nd place is.........KOWHAI" Said Mrs. Tofa. Then came the results for the winner. "In 1st place is..........KAURI!!!!" Said Mrs. Tofa. Everybody cheered. After all of the excitement we went back to our class. 

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