Friday, 25 August 2017

Adventure for Good

One of the main reasons that our camp has been such a success is down to the organisation, charisma and energy of our facilitators from Adventure for Good. Not only did they prepare our main meals, but they taught us lessons in bush survival and kayaking, facilitated a range of games and activities and joined us as we visited a range of historical sites.

During our evenings at camp, the Adventure for Good guides planned and facilitated a range of games and activities for us to take part in. On our first night, we were given maps of the campground and asked to complete an orienteering activity. The catch; it was pitch black (we relied on our torches) and all of our group members were tied together. This was so much fun and we all had a great laugh! As we had not seen the campground in the light before we all got very lost which we found incredibly funny - what a way to inspire teamwork and group bonding.

On the nights that half of our party were sleeping in the bush, the other half got to participate in a range of activities. On our night, Chris set up a quiz for us to participate in which involved questions around New Zealand history and some of the things that we had learnt about from visiting the various historical sites. This was a perfect way for our Tamariki to use their new knowledge and they had a lot of fun. I was very proud of Amelia, Davarni, Dekorah and Telesia's group who won this
The winning team learning to play Trivial Pursuit
On our final night Sarah and Michael facilitated two activities. In the first activity the groups had to create a skit that illustrated something that they had learnt on the camp. Two of the groups shared information about the History of New Zealand, while the other two illustrated elements of bush survival. Check out my group rehearsing their skit below (Telesia is narrating):


The next activity (The Mostest) required the group to put forward different individuals to compete in a range of mini competitions. These included things like the person who could hold the plank for the longest, eat a grapefruit the fastest and sing the best(est). This was so funny and had the whole group erupting in laughter at several points of the evening!

Throughout the week Sarah and Michael had been very supportive of our learners during our excursions. Sarah was very happy to support our mini swimming lesson, to drive my group to each of our activities while I ran mini maths lessons (you can't go anywhere without a bit of maths) and to make extra stops/ to slightly change our schedule when the weather did not allow us to stay outside. The learners really looked up to them and they were greatly encouraging.

The facilities at Orongo Bay Holiday Park were also great for our learners. They especially enjoyed the board games, playground, trampoline, tire and rope swings. Even Miss Stone had a go on these!

Then there was the support and involvement of the other kaiako who we met along the way. Whaea Roy and Whaea Monica greeted us at the Treaty Grounds and shared many stories with us on our two visits. Dan from Bay Beach Hire was really encouraging and supportive during our kayaking session and Luke and Rachael from Barefoot Sailing Adventures were very welcoming and knowledgeable on the SV Kopiko - they all ensured that we were having a great time! We also learned a great deal from our guides at the Stone Store, Kemp House and from Kepa at Rewa's Village.


  1. Hi my name is Luka I really liked your video. That looks really fun, I wish I could do that.

    from Luka

  2. Hi there, my name is Alyzae and I am a student in room 21 at Owairaka School. I really like how you guys have posted a video about bush survival, it's awesome! Have you thought about editing the video. If you would like to see my learning

  3. Thank you for your comment alyzae and luka