Monday, 14 August 2017

English High Society

We learnt that it is polite to eat the scone as two separate halves

Today we compared the differences in cultural protocols between the Māori and British during the 19th century. We looked at tikanga last week and discussed these before we made our Takakau, so we discussed English cooking and protocol this week before we made scones.

Trent illustrating correct napkin use

This morning we baked the scones in the oven and learnt about the English upper class and high teas. We discussed etiquette and how many rules the British had around having afternoon tea - even regarding which direction to stir the tea! We then practiced these as we sat to enjoy our scones.

Keeping our napkins on our laps we take small bites!
Keeping elbows off the table!

This was very timely as we were off to watch a play soon after - another English tradition that was around in the 1800s (and before).


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