Wednesday, 23 August 2017


This morning we headed out to a beach in Russell with Sarah, one of the Adventure for Good guides. We were all really looking forward to this and it was a first time for the majority of us. Miss Stone was particularly looking forward to this activity as she had kayaked in her youth.

When we arrived at the beach, Dan from Bay Beach Hire fitted us all for life jackets. This was fantastic as we had all learnt about life jackets during our water safety lessons in term 1. We then had a lesson with Sarah on the shore about how to paddle and steer a kayak, before we carried the kayaks into the water in pairs.

We excitedly took off and practiced a range of maneuvers, like a 360 degree turn, kayaking to a buoy, kayaking in different directions and more! We all found it pretty simple to steer the kayaks and our strict fitness regime paid off as we all had the strength to paddle and steer for some time without any complaint! Image may contain: sky, ocean, outdoor, nature and water


After practicing for a while we went on a tour around the bay and weaved in and out of the rock pools that lined the shore. It was a beautiful day in the bay, the water was tranquil and it was absolute bliss floating on the water.

We managed to get back to shore pretty quickly, so we asked to go swimming. Here we practiced some of the moves that we learnt in term one like the HELP position, huddle, skulling and treading water. We then had a little play and splash around before Sarah took a small group of us to swim out to a buoy and back - what a fabulous experience!

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