Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Our First Day

Today was our first day of school for 2017. Our small class of 15 students had a very active day and we were all shattered by the end of it!

After completing a scavenger hunt and  some reading and writing about the Treaty of Waitangi, Room 8 went to the hall and played some team-building games.  We started by playing a game where the students had to cross the hall without touching the floor, instead using pieces of cardboard to stand on.

The students then had to race across the hall without enough pieces of cardboard for each member of the group. This resulted in some very interesting strategies and a lot of cheating in the end!

We next played a game where we had to move a hoop around in a circle while holding hands. Again, this was a great laugh and people were very inventive about the way they passed the hoop along.

Overall it was a great first day and start to our year.

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