Thursday, 16 February 2017

Sustaining Ourselves

Sustaining Ourselves
We are learning to address the factors that can affect our wellbeing

This week in Health we have been looking at Hauora and the different aspects of health - Physical, Emotional, Social/ Whanau and spiritual. Check out some of the examples that Charlie created for each aspect of our health.

  • Going for a run is helping your physical health

  • Playing a sports game with others is helping your social and mental health

  • Going to church, the marae, temple is helping your spiritual health

  • Listening to your favourite music is helping your emotional health

  • Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is helping your physical health

  • Learning from a grandparent or caregiver is helping your whanau health

  • Taking part in a cultural club or activity is helping your spiritual health

  • Getting enough sleep is helping emotional health


  1. Hi there, we are students from Room 21 at Owairaka School. We really liked Charlie's ideas about health and well being . It made us think of what we do at our school to keep healthy. We have a run club before school, on Wednesdays we can go for a walk around the neighbourhood during playtime and every week this term we have garden to table. We learn how to grow and cook healthy food. Have you thought about adding in some pictures to illustrate your ideas? If you would like to see our learning, please visit

    1. we will illustrate our ideas and we will comment in your blog

  2. Morena Room 8,
    Thanks for sharing some of Charlie's good ideas for sustaining ourselves. I love running and walking, especially in the bush, and have some fantastic tracks very close to my home. One of my favourites is walking up Mt Parihaka. I really like listening to music, even while I am working. I try to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and I def love my sleep! One thing I would like to try more of is mediation or yoga. Have any of you tried mediation or yoga? I think it would be really good at relaxing my mind.

  3. Hi I'm Faith from Blaketown School.
    its really cool how you shared ideas on how to sustain ourselves, it is really helpful and interesting,I didn't know that listening to music would help your emotional health. thanks. From Faith