Monday, 27 February 2017

Science Intensive: Wastewise

This week is Science Intensive Week at Glenbrae School. This means that each class rotates around the classrooms and spends a day with each teacher learning about a different topic. This term we are learning about sustainability and our topics are: Wastewise, sustaining the air, land and sea.

We started in our own classroom and learnt a bit more about recycling and rubbish with Miss Stone.

Some fun facts we discovered:

  • Even if products that can be recycled end up at the dump, it is too dangerous to retrieve them so they end up in landfill.
  • Products and waste that are made out of natural resources, such as vege scraps,leather, paper and cotton, tend to break down far faster than resources that are man made. 
  • Landfills have to be carefully maintained. They cannot grow too large and the liquid that they produce needs to be managed so that it doesn't pollute waterways.

We then discussed the need to reuse, reduce and recycle. For our create activity we decided to reuse our plastic water bottles and turn them into something that will support the environment; bird feeders. We only used recyclable materials to create these so they can be easily deconstructed and recycled once the birds eat all of the seeds inside them. 


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