Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Our First Kiwi Sport!

Today we had our first Kiwi Sport lesson of the year. We are learning about tennis at the moment and we will have one session with coach Campbell a week. In this lesson we had to work in groups of fours. Our rule for the day was that we could only bounce the ball once.

First we got into our groups and practiced rallies. We got into a line and took turns to bat to a player on the other side of the court. The player on the opposite side was called the champion. The champion had to use two hands on the racket and could use forehand and backhand to play with the challenger, or the player on the opposite side. If a challenger got out, they would go to the back of the line and it would be another persons turn. If the champion got out, the challenger who won became the champion.
We played this game for a while and tried to see how long we could keep the ball going for. Our record was about 20. At this point, we started to play a game of doubles and had a great time trying out our new skills. 

Shared writing by Tumanako, AJ, Po, Amelia, Francesca and Miss Stone.


  1. Kia Ora Miss Stone!,
    Wow I'm assuming you had fun too!.I really liked your blog post about Tennis,It's really interesting.What was your favourite trick Coach Campbell showed you?


  2. Hi Room 8,looks like a lot of fun practicing and tried your best. Did all of you enjoy it? It reminds me of playing tennis when I was younger. Looks like you all had fun.