Thursday, 23 February 2017

Sustaining our Identity

In inquiry we have been looking at sustaining ourselves and our relationships. Each reading group looked at a story about Identity in one way or another.

Pukeko were reading about a student who learned her Pepeha and the importance of this. This was helpful as we are learning our mihi and pepeha in our Te Reo lessons.  Ruru and Kiwi read a story about a boy who had moved to New Zealand from South Africa and how this change had affected his life and himself. Tui read a story about a girl who was both Samoan and Pakeha, who was grappling with the idea of being bi-cultural.
The whole class are now in the process of creating their follow up activity: to create a poster that illustrates the important components of their identity. From our reading, we saw that places, culture and people can contribute to who we are. We also had some of our own ideas about identity, such as religion and our interests being important.  Check out some of the things that contribute to AJ's identity above.