Thursday, 28 September 2017


Check out AJ's description of the future house that he has designed:

The year 6's from room 8 had to act as architects and design a future house for Glen Innes. This my dream house that maybe could be built in the future.
This house is different to the houses around today because the houses in Glen Innes are made out of wood but in the future the houses are all made from metal or bricks so it is stronger in a natural disaster like an earthquake, flood or tsunami. They would have different designs because the architects would create their own new ideas. They would be able to create way cooler houses and things because they have more technology and different ideas. 

The things inside the buildings could be different too. They not have books because they could use devices instead. They wouldn't have analogue clocks anymore, just digital. Everything could have buttons, like when you go to the kitchen you could press a button and then it could change to the living room. The appliances would be better - the oven would cook things faster for example. We could have robots to do things for us as well, they could even brush our teeth for us! Instead of having paper money we might only use digital money instead. People could create robots and get them to work so they could earn more money.

The houses would also be heaps taller because we don't have enough space for all the people to have a one story house. There would be more skyscrapers or three story houses, like the ones being built on Fenchurch Street.

In my house I have filled everything with water. People could adapt to live under water and probably they will have gills like fishes. Or they could invent technology that would let them live under water.  They have created things like floating chairs for their houses.

Here is the site I used:

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