Friday, 22 September 2017

Political Debate

This afternoon we were invited to a debate hosted by Room 7. The students had split up into four political parties and they created different policies about how they would run the school. They considered issues like behavior, the repairs needed around the school, homework and the technology that is available.

Then each party sent their leader to take part in the debate. Alfred, Inoke, Tamati and Whitney were chosen and we were asked to attend as the audience, as we could make an unbiased choice about who were the strongest debaters. To start with, the leaders introduced their party and policies. Then the leaders had the chance to debate with one another and to ask questions. We saw that Whitney had listened carefully to the other leaders as she was able to ask lots of questions.

Finally, Mrs Tofa passed around voting papers so that we could select the winner. We all received a sticker for voting and looked forward to finding out the results.

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