Monday, 25 September 2017

Live Stream!

Today all of Glenbrae school walked down the road to Pt England School to watch their school production "Live Stream".  We all really enjoyed the journey and we bumped into heaps of whanau on the way. A lot of our students have extended family and friends at Pt England, so we were looking forward to supporting the school and these people as well.


The production itself was fantastic! We all enjoyed the story as it was about the pollution in a stream affecting the wildlife, which we learnt about in term 1.  We were really impressed with all of the acting, singing and dancing, but the main cast really stood out to us.  It was great to see them stand up with so much talent, confidence and pride.

As we headed back, we reflected on the message that had been portrayed in the production. Some of the students picked up rubbish on our walk, determined not to let the local wildlife down.

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