Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Police at Glenbrae!

This morning the senior classes assembled in the hall to learn about the Police with Constable Jude. Each class got to participate in a range of activities during the morning and after morning tea the whole school watched as a police helicopter landed on our field.

We first headed to check out the police bikes. We learnt that motorbike police carry out similar roles as those in cars, but that they are sent to certain jobs more as they can get places faster. They usually work in the city as they can weave in and out of the traffic. We all got a turn at sitting on the bike and then we used a speedometer to work out how fast we could run - it was awesome!
Next we went to room 7 where we learnt about crime scene investigation. We learnt that every contact leaves a trace and that police search for these traces - which could be DNA from hair left on the scene, a persons footprint or fingerprints on something that they touched. We all got our fingerprint taken, which was a lot of fun!

Then we headed outside to the police tent and we got to try on a mini uniform and follow some commands as if we were officers! We also looked at the tools that the police use and carry, like their handcuffs and batons.

After that, the officers let us sit in the police car and we turned the sirens on.

After morning tea the whole school ventured to our field, where we waited for the police helicopter to land. Each class had the opportunity to look inside the helicopter and to learn about the tools that they have on board, like a high powered camera and infra-red.
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  1. What a great experience for us all. I enjoyed reading your recount of our Police Day. It is very detailed. Are there any of you now making a goal to be police officers when you grow up?