Thursday, 21 September 2017

Measurement Scavenger Hunt

This week we have been learning about measurement in maths. We had to select the unit of measurement that would be best to use, like mm, cm or m, to make an estimate and to measure each item.
We started with small items like pens and our chromebooks, before we moved on to some bigger objects like the length of our classroom. We couldn't do this very accurately because of all of our furniture, but we got a rough measurement!
Lilo and Pele wanted to see how long the window was.


  1. hi guys my name is Ayaan I am from Owairaka school I really like you guys measuring thing.

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  3. Hi my name is Luka. I am a student from Owairaka Primary School, room 21. I think that is a good idea for learning and some people wouldn't know lots about it. It would also be quite weird to do km's though, if you would like to see my learning please visit

    yours Luka.